TwigPen oops 3

After it simply failed to tweet, I rolled the TwigPen code into rssupdatepnut; what follows is a repeat of my previous posts.

-mild bleating follows-

An updated version of my previous post follows. Executive summary: “Doh!”

-original below-

Oops! I forgot to git pull origin master the updated script from the rssupdatepnut GitHub repo.

Here’s the blog post announcing my tweeted notification of new blog posts:

Daft Baz scratched head for a few minutes thinking the script’d failed for some techy reason. No, simply PEBKAC.

Am I feeling lucky?

-original above-

It turns out I messed up here too, with the result below:

$ python3.6

File "", line 81



IndentationError: unexpected indent

I’d better fix it then, instead of blogging about it!