It’s late, the weekend is almost completed, and I ache from the successes during it.

We recently found out the dining room carpet was damp. Chastising our lovely female cat is out of the question so last weekend I sliced most of the floorcovering into conveniently-sized rolls and took them to the tip.

Meanwhile my wife had priced up a very fancy lino to replace the previous luxurious pile. Saturday was fitting day, so Friday after work was me shifting 2 bookcases, 2 CD/DVD shelving units and their contents, an overladen sideboard, and the stuff that builds up as one’s loved ones live, all out of the room.

The herringbone-pattern wood block-effect lino is lovely, we won’t have the peeing issue again, and most of the furniture and books and stuff is back where it came from. Did it fit right back again without much effort? No; the back of each of the CD shelving units and one bookcase required inexpertly hacking at to accommodate the change in height between the previous and required notches to clear the skirting board.

Yes, of course I’ve been asked to move one bookcase to replace the living room electric fireplace now donated to charity. No more convenient mug rest for me. (sighs)

I’ve participated in a small way during the pnut.io Hackathon Weekend. But I’m tired, I’ve already written too many words, so I’ll blog about the wiki next time.





Blogging, blogging, bloggingbloggingblogging … blogging, blogging.

Blogging, blogging.







It’s been an odd few weeks and months.

I’m looking for a bit of stability here. I’m finding some.

Bizarre performance art?

Returning to the recent Sprout Burrito theme, this from Fark; “Hey, at least it’s got beans on it now B-b-burrito? DIT”

The best comment across a couple of hundred posts, the very best, most succinct whilst retaining a flavour of what they must be thinking:

“This is some bizarre performance art or a social experiment. Regardless, there’s no excuse for these ‘burritos’ should they exist. They are an abomination.”

A man puts sprouts into a tortilla wrap and, well, the response is inevitable isn’t it!

Sprout burrito inventor

In an attempt to reinvent myself on social networks I’ve been silent for a long while, to let the old stuff out and the void in. That’s not to say I haven’t missed the interactions, I have. But life, as-ever, got in the way.

I’m not back yet, far from it, but I see encouraging signs. One of them was an attempt to engage with people I don’t know on IRC. It’s literally 20 years since the last time I had a go, and there’s no coincidence that was also my first try; it’s synchronous chat, quite a fast-paced, and an unforgiving environment. But once in, it appears a sense of community remains. Nerds, geeks abound. The attempt went reasonably well, but I definitely sensed some insularity, mistrust of outsiders; most unlike the entirely positive experiences on the 3 most-recent small networks it’s been my privilege to be involved with.

So, to the title of this post?

First, it might be, though probably isn’t, a good idea to read this:

“Today, after a lot of procrastination, I will eat my first-ever burrito. I’ll post a picture of the uncooked thing momentarily. Later this year, a visit to Taco Bell UK”

And then this:

“Following up yesterday’s first-ever burrito, I’m making my own from leftovers: Mashed sprouts, sweetcorn, redcurrant jelly, tiny squirt of ketchup. In the oven now, wrapped in foil”

Incidentally, the mobile version of the Fark site works really well on mobile devices.

Getting there, not just socially.