NSFW. Perhaps.

On Sunday evening, late on Sunday evening I took my youngest daughter to the town’s Urgent Care Centre, to help with the onset of a sudden and particularly painful ear infection. We were there for just about 2-3/4 hours, came away with advice and antibiotics.

A few minutes after we got there a young lady and her daughter plonked themselves down in the middle of the room, mother with a phone glued to her ear. Not literally, that’d be a bit odd. Maybe not in a hospital at 10:45pm though?

Anyway, while in the waiting room the phone was in use continuously for 2 hours. Not sporadically no, she was chatting all the time.

But I still haven’t got to the point.

She has a husband. In the early hours of the morning the conversation changed from idle chat (I couldn’t help but hear) to something more ‘adult.’ You know, the sort of stuff of the bedroom. No, not ‘Stop taking the covers you…’ or a long and heated conversation on snoring. No. Emphatically no. But heated? Yes, oh yes, yes, yes, etc.

Telling hubby what she would do to him when she got home, what she wanted him to do to her. Exceedingly graphic. So I attempted to hide, to bury myself in my tiny phone screen. To ignore the waves of words as best I could.

Not good enough. Not by a long way.

Especially when the conversation reached a certain peak and she said she’d have to go to the toilet to…

No. Just no.

Yeah, I did indeed delete some words. Naughty words. Well, naughty words used in a certain context.

Daily Mail

As with the Sun I’m not clicking links to Daily Mail articles. Yet the headlines look so ‘juicy!’

Bands seen live

There’s a list, varying with each person, going round social media at the moment. It challenges friends, readers, to pick a lie from a list of 10 bands supposedly seen live by the poster.

Here’s mine, though live music’s never been my ‘thing’ for a lot of reasons:

  • The Cheeky Girls
  • The Mitchell Brothers
  • Bob Geldof
  • Deacon Blue
  • The Prodigy
  • Buck’s Fizz (tribute)
  • Girls Aloud
  • 50 Cent
  • Speedway
  • er… I can only think of nine.

So there you go, consider yourself challenged to find the lie!

300 posts?

As someone who uses a blog to write to work through issues I must appear to the world to be a seething mess of discontentment, finding Schadenfreude in the news, no solace from the issues confronting our world.

Checking through the nearly-300 posts at the GitHub Pages repository, some of which I’ve deemed unsuitable to resurrect at 10Centuries (actually uninteresting even to me!), I found a couple where I profess to be not a blogger.

I very rarely check my post view/feed access count page, have never thought of monetising it all (for reasons anyone who’s ever read my stuff will know) so why do I write? To get things off my chest in the hopes of achieving a catharsis, inner peace…

Nearly 300 posts, probably a few more if counting the WordPress precursor, predecessor, whatever the word is…


I should compile a ‘best of’ list, as ageing rock stars do.

80s bands again

A headline: “Seven bands from the 80s we wish would reunite” (BBC Entertainment & Arts)

A paragraph: “Children of the 1980s, rejoice - the original Bananarama line-up is back together at last. Which got us thinking - lots of 80s bands have reformed over recent years but which ones are we still wishing would reunite?”

A suggestion: Talking Heads. (Note the article date before exploding.)

I can but hope.