2016 has been a year of downs, and the potential for more of the same for the foreseeable future. 2017 isn’t likely to bring much in the way of relief, and I’ve already pretty-much written off the entire remaining noughtie-tens.

In no particular order:



That’ll do.

I’d like to imagine my family and I have a secure existence, to enable me to revel in Schadenfreude. But no, it’s never going to happen, I’ve one-too-many spare brain cells. Just the one. Give it four more years and check back in with me?

Dark? Of COURSE it’s dark! Don’t expect ignoring what’s ahead will remove it from your life; as-ever, understanding a situation is the key to dealing with it.

So, my word of the year is ‘Normalised’. It, along with the 366 days of 2016, most emphatically does NOT get Baz’s seal of approval.