3 plumbers were asked to quote for work - to replace 2 radiators. Here’s a mercifully shortened tale of woe…

Dear Plumbers, how difficult can it be to:

  1. Visit when someone asks for a quotation?
  2. When a potential customer is visited, to prepare a quotation, estimate, something, in a reasonable time, i.e. not simply disappear?
  3. Do a good job when you get the work? And that’s the key here; we got a crap ‘un…

He changed the radiators, that much is true. The rest though, naah,’ twas a bit crap.

The worst bit though, when he told me he was on a course in London today & tomorrow. My wife mentioned afterwards that he’d spoken on his phone (loudspeaker of course) with a woman just around the corner about a job he was doing there today.

During his followup call later, after I’d got rid of him, he let me know that I could ring him today and if we were having problems he could look on Thursday. The thing is, consistency is all in attempting to spread positive feedback about a business. To tell me “I’m not being evasive” when telling me why he couldn’t make it today; sorry mate, I’ll be looking for tradesman review sites now.

So I spent time bleeding the system until it just worked.


Today for lunch I went around to the café and bought a spam & egg butty and blueberry muffin, and sat at my desk to eat them.

Feeling much better now.