Well here we are; at the time of writing another year has, for a large percentage of the world’s population, already expired. For the rest, the next is only a few weeks away.

Now, like Christmas is simply an arbitrary date (with variations) thrown at a calendar put together by westerners, the year end/year beginning are both just another day.

Days for reflection, sure, and planning, reminiscing, dreaming; days of intense significance for many.

In mid-October 2015 I made a Bucket List. That was, to be fair, my reflection and reminiscing piece. During 2016 I really don’t expect to fulfil any of those dreams, check off those items on my list; I’ve other things to set my sights on.

I’ve connections and reconnections to make, days away to plan alongside my family, to become if not more successful at work at least more organised. I’m confident of a measure of success in all; picking the items on this deceptively short list gives me at least that confidence, but how will this list of future things go?

I’ll be sure to let you know.